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About Us

NNA member, E&O Insurance; NNA Background, Eight ( 8) years of General Notary experience. Serving Riverdale, Fayetteville, and Jonesboro area. 


General Notary Services


Affirmation/Oaths; Wills; Power of Attorney,  Jurats; Acknowledgement; Deeds, Family Services; Witness Affidavits; Certify Copies; Dispositions; Vehicle Transfer; I-9 Verification; Apostilles.

By Georgia Law as a Non-Attorney, I cannot give legal advice.


Notary in the Community

We serve the following areas: Pointe South Elementary, Pointe South Middle School, Small businesses and  Apartment Complexes, and other residential residences along Flint River Road,  Thomas Road, or Pointe South we can come to you. 

Notarial services can be performed in a timely matter. No more searching for a notary outside the area we come to you. We offer discounts to indivduals 65+ .


Give us a call today. 

Networking Event



As a new and upcoming business, I am still in the discovery stages. Networking with others in your field can be a super asset. I found some really great resources on youtube. There are a few influencers that are constantly providing value. The following I have found  authenticity and honesty:

757 Notary Sister - I am not sure what state she is in, but this video is great, she is transparent. Check her out


Griffin Notary - He is always down to earth and is a wealth of information. Griff as he is called has many videos that can assist in the notary space. He is in Virginia but knows the notary industry. Check it out for yourself., LLC

Samantha Smith (ShelistenS, LLC) - She is very knowledgeable about the Notary laws of Georgia. National Notary Association voted her Notary of the year. Samantha's videos dive deep into Georgia laws regarding notaries. I have found her videos to be an incredible asset. Check it out for yourself. 

Kimberly Y. Nunnally - (Notary Life with Kimmi) She has an array of helpful videos and resources. She has a book out that is available on Amazon as well. Check it out for yourself. 

The following influencers mentioned have provided me with information on the notary journey and other services that can be paired with a notary business. There are also Notary Groups on Facebook. 

I suggest that you do your due diligence and ensure that you are getting information from credible resources. 


Willis Notary Services does more than just notarization. We offer business solutions for micro and small businesses.

We provide real people that build real relationships. We understand that each business has individual visions and needs. We know that no man or woman is an island to him or herself. Obtaining self-sustainability involves finding resources that lead to success. The adventure is not the destination but it’s how you get there.   As a micro-business owner myself, I realized that it is beneficial to allow others to help row through the ocean of building a business.


The reality is that having your own business is challenging, but the benefits outweigh the hardship. When you have pushed past the doubt, “the what in the world am I doing phases”, you realize that being the force that drives the direction of your own business is inspiring and exciting.  As a micro-business, I can relate to the challenges, and the never-ending desire to build a business of your own. We offer the following services to help you along the way:


  • Business Solutions

  • Research

  • Educational Solutions (Early Childcare lesson plans, templates, incident reports, and more)

  • Digital designs, which include (flyers, business cards, business forms, etc.)

  • Procurement Services

  • Forms and Applications assistance

  • Family Services

  • HR solutions and more


These services can be customized to fit your particular need. Contact us for more information. 

Workplace Conflict

Conflict in the workplace can be negative or positive. However, conflict can be managed and a resolution found. There are various types of conflict in the workplace. There can be employee-to-employee conflicts. Direct report to employee conflicts as well as manager-to-employee conflicts. 

Unresolved conflict can implode a team environment. Employees become unhappy in their position and will start looking for other opportunities. This can lead to vulnerability in a team. 

When there is a manager-to-team conflict, the employee may not feel confident in starting a conversation about what is going on. There are times when managers may not see that they are the root of the issue. Employees or the team may feel like they are not being heard and that the only relief may be to exit. 

As human beings we should be accountable for the part we may play in the conflict. There can be a resolution, but the conflict has to be acknowledged first.  Ignoring the conflict is damaging to all parties. So how do we start the resolution: acknowledge conflict, use empathy, depersonalize the conflict by using the "I" statements and separate the person from the issue, find common ground, mutually agree to steps to resolve the conflict, and most importantly use active listening. There may also be a need for outside professionals to resolve this. However, if a conflict has gotten to the point of harassment and abuse, file a complaint and or grievance through the Human Resource office. 

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